These are 5 of the best benefits you get with a credit card

Credit cards are among the favorite financial instruments and financial institutions know that, which is why they are constantly creating new types of cards, geared towards particular profiles. Today, we have cards especially for young people, others for women, etc.

Although its main benefit is that they allow us to make purchases without having to have the cash instantly, there are other additional advantages that you should know and that will help you get the most out of your next plastics:

You can start your credit history

You can start your credit history

Credit cards are a great way to enter the credit world without compromising too much, as they allow you to make use of a credit line the way you want, and show banks that you are a good customer. But the key is just that, you must show good behavior, so your history will be good.

Earn miles and get access to VIP lounges at airports

If you are a person who travels a lot, looking for cards that allow you to accumulate kilometers or miles will be the best decision. Some even allow you to access other reward systems or access VIP lounges at airports. Not all cards offer the same, so if you’re looking for one with those features, first compare the alternatives.

Less effective, more security

Less effective, more security

We know that every day many people are victims of theft, but if that happens and you are using your card to cover your expenses, you can quickly block it and prevent it from being used, unlike cash, since if they steal your wallet, They will spend and there will be no way around it.

You get returns for first purchases

Some cards offer you that benefit by way of welcome. If you use it during the first month, they offer you the return of a certain percentage. Other cards take promotions like this on a constant basis, but you should always try to spend only what you had thought and not more.

You can make purchases in any currency

You can make purchases in any currency

One of the main facilities is that, if you do not have money available in a foreign currency, you can always use your credit card, since the bank performs the respective conversion.

So, if you don’t have a credit card yet, these are just five of the additional benefits they bring and that will do your finances well. Remember to evaluate all the options before deciding, and for that, you can take a tour of the Good Finance family credit card companion.

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